Hi!!! I'm new. My good buddy Ozzmon got me to join. Feel free to follow me :-)

Lunch. #oldfashioned #xoxo
Trying to stay up for the gym in a couple of hours. Drinking isn’t the best idea, but I’m bored. #gallofamily #moscato #myminime #goodnight #xoxo
The one on the top is a remedy for my depression relapse. The one on the bottom is the reason for my relapse. At least for right now… S.N.: COMCAST CABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE. At least from my experience. That is all.
Last night.
First date night in a long time.
I make your heart sing. #wildthing #xoxo
Good Morning from us #xoxoxoxo
Made Chicken Alfredo in the kitchen. And then this happened.